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Order the New Book: "Ocean Jasper: A Natural Wonder and a Geological Mystery"

Book Contents (Copyright 2019, © Susanne Lomatch, published on Amazon):
-Part I Introduction: Ocean Jasper: Why We Need To Preserve It
-Part II Theory of Formation, 2019: Ocean Jasper (Spherulitic Chalcedony) of Madagascar: Model/Theory of Formation

Translation of Lieber, 2003: Spharolithischer Chalcedon von Madagaskar, W. Lieber, Lapis 2003 (Translation)

New Research, 2020: Characterization Studies of Ocean Jasper

Guide to Research Content:

I have translated Werner Lieber's seminal 2003 article in Lapis from German to English. Figures can be found in the original Lapis article, only the text is translated. New comprehensive research (2003-2019) and review work from my hand has now been published in a book available in either eBook or Paperback format, on Amazon, and iBook from Apple Books, the first book published on Ocean Jasper. All sale proceeds are donated to ongoing and future research studies, particularly toward the costs of expensive lab testing. New petrological research results are now available, see link above. This is Part I of a multi-part study, Part II will include the results and analysis from other testing modalities. The new and "next-step" work involves 16 samples from 7 specimens. Cost of Part I studies reported above was $653; estimated cost of Part II studies is at least $2500. If you'd like to support these expensive studies, buy the book, all net author proceeds are donated to these studies!

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